73014722_47abcbcc7f_bOver 95% of us use our computers on a daily basis. Most of us are also aware of the latest trends, the need-to-know stuff. How many of us know how to optimize the work we do on our computer?

Below I have included a few tricks to keep you from being in the dark.

1) Sometimes you will need to change thew channel. When your computer is shipped out to you, it’s working from a pre-chosen channel. You might need to change this up. Why? There might be others who are using the same channel as you are. In fact, you can count on this. Change things up and pick a new one. I suggest doing this right when you get your computer setup at home.

2)You have to treat your router with dignity and respect. Don’t just push it to the back. Don’t push it into an area that has other devices. You need to allow your router the chance to breathe. Make sure it’s not in a place which has direct sunlight either. If you want your router to place nice with you, you need to treat it with kindness. Remember, your router has feelings too.

3)Try placing your router in a different spot. You also might want to upgrade to something which works on various receptive areas. Sometimes where you think you’ll get the most reception, is not always the best place.

4)Only use a secured network. If it’s working from a WPA or WEP, you’ll be in good hands. Some say that an unsecured network is better. Your neighbors will be thrilled because they won’t have to put out money for their own. A hacker will love you because he or she can tap into yours without any issues. These are the only two benefits an unsecured location will serve. At the end of the day, an unsecured network is not going to be of value.

5)Always make sure your connections are valid. You can do this by 3251147920_f4f9fca34b_ochecking the ping command. Some connections will not work on a MAC or Linux. You need to be careful with this. If the ISP codes are not working properly, you might need to reboot the system.

6) When owning a business, the business’ website needs to be able to withstand a great amount of users with out loosing connection. There are companies like Avisolve who provide your business with theĀ computer networking tools you need for your business to stay on top.


It’s a good idea to get to know your router manager. This is not a person you call; although, it can be. Just go into the settings and look at them. Find out what is working and what isn’t.

You can always get more information about your connections on our site. Use the link down below.